„European social issues through money” is a multilateral youth exchange organized in Cristuru Secuiesc, Harghita County, between 04.10.2010. and 12.10.2010. At the project will participate 28 youth from Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Norway.

The project will include two major themes:

The project will refer to problems which affect the life of young people and which manifest not only on local, regional, national level but also on European and global level. These problems include poverty, corruption, economical recession. The participants will try to find solutions for these problems through activities which contribute to the development of the devotion, of the sense of responsability of the participants, we intend to help them become active citizens of their society.

The project will refer to the effects of the introduction of the Euro as the official currency of the Eurozone, to its contribution to the unity and diversity of Europe. At the project will participate youth from countries which have a different position regarding the introduction of the Euro. Through the activities which refer to this issue we intend to develop the European awareness of the participants.

The project will establish intercultural dialog between youths in order to help them eliminate cultural prejudices and to accept cultural diversity.

The project will include numerous non-formal educational methods, brainstormings, round-table discussions, modelings, competitions.